Wednesday, February 3, 2016

52 Weeks Project Week #2

Flower Girl
Week 2 painting
© Steven Russell Black​
11"x14" oil on cradled birch panel

I was out sick for the last 2 weeks so i'm playing catch up now for week 3 and 4. 

52 new paintings is the goal. I hope you'll follow along.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Preview of my next 52 weeks painting

Final will post on Tuesday. 
This is a softer one. Part of my Flower Girls series. 

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 1 of 52

Path Ways
Week 1 painting complete
© Steven Russell Black
11"x14" oil on cradled birch panel

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Monday, January 4, 2016


Goals Goals Goals!!!!

I had started planning out my year and then found Lauren Panepinto's Muddy colors post really helpful in rounding out and seeing the overall picture for what I had started. 
Lauren gets a ton of things done in the course of the day and I'm inspired by what she does and I benefit from getting to work with her and Marc Scheff on 

I started with Lauren's method and then fleshed it out creating weekly and daily action item lists. 

- Overall Goals

Listed out everything I want / need to set up the best environment to succeed in life and art. 

- Weekly action items

-1 small painting for my 52 Weeks project on Patreon 

- 1/4 work on a  larger painting for my 15th of the month #everydayoriginal post.

- 3 comics pages. pencils, inks, and colors. Jumping back into comics after a long time. 
Painting and comics are my first loves. As I kid the two biggest presents I ever got where a box of Rembrandt Oils and some Fantastic Four comics. Made a huge impression on me and I'm getting back to those roots. 

- 2 weekly 11"x17" drawings. 

These are a bare minimum output. Commissions and Client work will go on top of these but this list is my weekly output goal. I can also plug in projects to the weekly drawing and comics pages. I'll know more about how much I can take on after a few weeks of this schedule. but It's a great start. Challenging  and simple. I lay out all the things I want to finish for the week on Sunday (or in the case of this week, today. for next week) night. That way I stay focused for the week. Something I really lack in my life at the moment. 

- Daily Action Items 

The actionable to do list for the day and how much time to spend on each. Some will go over but It keeps me on task

I made simple word files to outline each of these 3 topics.  There are more personal goals as well, but I'm just sharing the art stuff here. 

Pictured is my focus pieces to finish this weekend and comic week January 1 -  January 9 is the time period I'm giving myself to finish these.

Progress on my first Weekly painting is below as well as 1 of 2 weekly drawings.

Start to the drawing I used for this first weeks painting. 

Final Drawing Charcoal on toned paper 

I had the drawing printed onto a cradled birch panel. and then went back and gessoed out the edges so the hard edge doesn't show. 

Blocking in the face and head. 

Pretty far along. Will post the final for sale tomorrow. 

"Atlantean Symbiosis"
© Steven Russell Black
11"x17" Charcoal and prismacolor on toned paper

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Desert Flower

Desert Flower
© Steven Russell Black​
8.5"x11" charcoal on toned paper
Prints available here:

Backer drawing from my Red Devil Kickstarter. 

I'll be focusing on a new 52 weeks project next year on my Patreon. 
One painting each week. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Kickstarter Backer reward drawing

This one is for Jason Pederson, Thanks Jason! 

He wanted a "Smart Ape"
I ran with that and pulled in some biblical reference about the tower of babel. I tried to give the ape a look of knowing and he's ringing the bell to signify a new time and change.
I call it "Bringer of All Knowledge and the End of Days" 

Bringer of All Knowledge and the End of Days
© Steven Russell Black​ 
11"x17" prismacolor on toned paper
Commission for Jason Pedersen​ 
for commissions email
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Unholy Communion", my newest piece for Every Day Original

Every Day Original is a great community of artists selling one new work of fine art each day at 10am.

Each Month I'll be posting a new painting on  on the 15th.

You can see all my pieces done for the site here: 

This is my newest piece for the site.

"Unholy Communion"